11 de octubre de 2018

Bob Books Creativity Series

This Summer I was interviewed by Bob Books for their creativity series

Read it HERE!

20 de septiembre de 2018

Autumn 2018 Showreel

New Showreel!
Happy to launch my showreel for this Autumn. More to come this winter!

24 de junio de 2018

Scouting for Indigo Valley

I am currently in L.A. scouting for my first feature as a cinematographer.
Indigo valley is a  drama  written and directed by the talented  Jaclyn Bethany (pictured below) and produced by Courtney Harmstone and it will be for all of usfirst full length feature film. A big step in our careers!

This week we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will go towards our production costs. Please  have a look at our video and support our venture here!

12 de junio de 2018

31 de mayo de 2018

A veritable journey.

2017 and this first half of  2018 have taken me far and wide, physically, mentally. professionally....

From Iceland to New York City , through Mexico, Italy and  Lebanon  and always back to London for a a walk down its dark alleys.  I have met in my way wonderful beings and shared, thoughts, words, images, ideas and experienced so much I wouldn't know where to start.  A veritable journey.  This year which is not yet finished just seems to bring more and more...

I am posting a few stills from the films I have shot in recent months.  Enjoy!

Stills from Indigo Valley (dir. Jaclyn Bethany), After Anyuta (prod. C.C. Kellogg, dir. Clemy Clarke)
The Last Birthday (dir. Jaclyn Bethany),  Crepúsculo (prod. C.C. Kellogg, dir. Clemy Clarke).