Theodora and Gabriel, spend their last hours together before Theodora leaves to the desert . Throughout their lives they have always been together, never apart for such a long time. The tension grows between them as the day passes by; they play games, but their actions are tinged with sadness as the moment of parting approaches. Throughout this they must come to accept each other's loss, and grow into their future selves.

LFS 2015

24:30 min

Cast: Harriet Madeley , Charles Meunier  and Sadao Ueda

Written and directed by  Irene Gomez-Emilsson
Produced by  James D.Edge
Cinematography by Mark Khalife
Production design: Weilin Wang
Edited by Gaëlle Mourre and Elsa Pallarès Hugon
Sound: Tatiana el Dahdah
Sound design and original score: Ben Sims and Markus ffitch
Camera operator: Sandra Tabet
Costume design: Karen Briem


Jury Award at Fiktiva Theatre Film Festival 2015 (Extraordinary Combination of Film and Theatre language)


  • Local Premiere at the Portobello Film Festival on September 18th 2015 (Popup cinema)
  • International Premiere at the Reykjavík International Film Festival on October 2nd 2015 ( Tjarnabíó)
  • European Premiere at the Fiktiva Theatre Film Festival on October 30th 2015 (Kino im U, Dortmund Germany)
  • Italian Premiere at Terre di Cinema, Sicily, Italy,  June 2016. 


Private Screening  at the Ciné Lumière, Institut Français de Londres, October 2014
Public Screening at Cafe Salgari, Mexico City, Mexico, January 2017
 Public Screening at the Launch of Constellation Mag, The Garrisson Pub, London, March 2017

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Feature article in Constellation Mag 

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