21 de septiembre de 2016

Deserts is now online

Deserts is now available on line

After a year of a fructuous festival tour Deserts is now available online for everyone to enjoy. Like it, share, comment! We'd love to hear your reactions.
Thanks again to the festivals that screened our little film: RIFF | Reykjavík International Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival, Fiktiva Theatre Film Festival (and thanks Fiktiva for that Award!) as well as Terre di Cinema - International Cinematographers Days and last but not least to CineWomen for featuring us in their 2016 magazine.
Thank you also, again and always to the wonderful cast, crew, executive producers and supporters who helped us make this happen. Kind thoughts to everyone. 

Deserts a short film by Irene Gómez Emilsson from Irene Gomez Emilsson on Vimeo.

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